Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Top 10 Reasons to come to A-Day. #6: Easing the Pain of Iron Bowl News

Hello world, as our loyal massive following knows by now, this is my first post. For two months I sat on my thumbs and all but ignored the fact that my name was on the internet as "writer" without anything to show for it. Realizing how much I was missing out on (cough cough shout out from Joe Cribb's Car Wash cough cough) I remembered how no one cared what I have to say and yet I still demand to attempt to be heard. So without further ado, REASON #6 TO GO TO A-DAY!

So earlier this week, al.com dropped an A-bomb on me courtesy of the SEC and everyone's favorite CBS. I'm sure all of you have heard by now (and if you're reading this blog I'm pretty sure you're digging pretty deep in the Auburn blogs anyway, so this shouldn't be news to any of you) but after they moved the Iron Bowl to the weekend of Thanksgiving last year, now they're moving it even earlier. It's not even the fact that they moved the game earlier but that now, the Iron Bowl must be played on a Friday. In all my Auburn fandom, which remember is not very long compared to most, I can not remember when the Iron Bowl was not on a Saturday. In fact, my sources say that it has been more than 20 years since the last time this happened (keep in mind my sources are the other author for IS25 so if we are wrong, feel free to correct us and make us feel stupid). Enough complaining, because blogs never include whiny moments of why my life is cruddy right now....wait

Al.com is playing the part of the bomb while the test houses represent my world. I know, sad right?

But, much like the hiring of Auburn's new coaching staff, there is light at the end of the tunnel. A-Day is coming to cure our new Iron Bowl schedule woes. For a brief weekend, we get to forget about the business side of college football, forget about the legalism of rating achievements and money hungry push for endorsements. For one glorious Saturday, we get to remember how beautiful 300 pound men can be (see inset for illustration of beauty). We get to marvel in the pureness of competition, to see how hard work truly pays off and can influence the depth chart. A-Day gives us a chance in the spring to feel at home again in Jordan and Hare's house on Pat Dye's yard with a lot of extended family members like one big family reunion when you don't really know any one there except maybe up to your second cousins, but you're all still connected. Only Auburn's family is connected with something thicker than blood, the common liking of a football team and overall athletics program.

So while they may try to ruin our celebration of all that is good with our program by lame scheduling hiccups, we will persevere. We won't let CBS cast a cloud of disappointment because seeing our players in a first string vs. second string showdown will lift our spirits over the clouds like the guy who tied a bunch of balloons to his lawn chair. Sorry CBS, next time bring a bigger BB gun.

By the way, Youtube makes writing posts a much longer and harder process. Interesting thing you learn about this blogger, he has ADD.

So come out to Jordan Hare on Saturday so we can all build each other up to get over this tragedy together and get lost in the awesomeness that is Auburn football. And if A-Day does not bring you out of the depression of the Iron Bowl being moved to Friday for the next two years (first I question what kind of fan you are), maybe this will.

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