Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Top 10 Reasons to Come to A-Day. #10: Jordan-Hare Stadium

Ok, so it probably won't look like this next Saturday, but it'll still be good to be back!

Jordan-Hare wasn't too much fun this past year. Sure, there was the La. Monroe game, a workman-like shutout, the too close for comfort Southern Miss win, the excruciatingly painful to watch Tennessee game, and the obligatory homecoming victory against Bizarro Auburn (UT Martin). I'll even admit that the Georgia game was the most fun I've ever had watching Auburn lose. But the fact is, the ugliest win is better than the prettiest loss, and four wins at home just doesn't cut it.
Good news! It's a brand new season! With a brand new coaching staff! Hope is restored, and is there any place in the world that stirs up a more hopeful feeling in your soul than Jordan-Hare Stadium? Of course not. Jordan-Hare Stadium is filled with more hopeyness than a hundred Obama campaign stops. It's the place top teams come to die. It's there that eventual national champs Florida fell in 2006. Where defending champs LSU were overcome on one last heroic drive in '04. Where Damon Duval hooked it in amidst swirling winds against top ranked Florida in '01. Where Bama threw a screen pass in '97, and LSU just threw too many passes in '94. Where Nix found Sanders, and Bostic raced to the end zone to seal a perfect season in '93. And it's the place where in 1989, after decades of fighting for it, we finally earned the opportunity to play Bama in our own back yard instead of theirs. Oh yeah, we beat that previously undefeated team that day, too.
So yeah, I'd say "there's a hopeful feeling there" is the main point I'm trying to make.
Personally, I haven't been to Jordan-Hare in the spring for several years. It's always a fun day, and for a few hours it feels like fall again. Finally, we get to do things that only happen in the fall, like pay $4 for a hot dog, or a Coke. Or get 3rd degree sunburns.... on one side of your body.
So come on out next Saturday and experience Jordan-Hare for one last time; before that dreaded five month dead period, that dreaded scourge we here in football-land give the name "Summer".

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