Thursday, April 9, 2009

Top 10 Reasons to Come to A-Day. #9: Mario Fannin

Name the most exciting offensive player on last year's team. If you said this guy (==>), you're probably right. Now name the most versatile player for this year's Gus Malzahn spread offense. If you said this guy again(==>), you are probably right again. Mario is one of our top two running backs, a great option to go in as a reciever, and played QB in high school, so he's a huge threat anywhere on the field. Gustave himself said Mario is a prime candidate for the "QB/RB" position in the WildTiger/Eagle/Whatever formation. Don't say you're not excited about seeing that, because that will be incredible.

So come on out to Jordan-Hare on Saturday to see a preview of "Super Mario" and hopefully, this year's games will end up better than this awesome highlight video from The Auburner did.

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