Friday, October 15, 2010

Section 25 Unleashes the Good Juju

All the talk this week has been "look out for the Arkansas curse!" Everyone has mentioned the 2001, 2002, and 2006 seasons where the Arkansas loss kept the Tigers from going to Atlanta, and a few people have even pulled out the 1995 loss. In all of these games, Auburn was a heavy favorite, and in all of these games, Auburn laid an egg. The fear is that the curse has always been the rule and never the exception, and here we are in 2010, staring down the inevitable letdown that always comes against the Hogs.

But we here in Section 25 are sick to death of all the doom and gloom and nay saying. We're sick of people saying that a favored Auburn team is incapable of beating an Arkansas team. To those people, we would like to present the following for your consideration:

That was the first drive of the game. Auburn scored on its next four. It was never really close after that.

Obviously this team of Piggies isn't the same one that went 5-6 in 2004, and we're obviously not some big favorite in this game. The point is, the "Hog Hex" is beatable. This game isn't going to come down to whatever happened four, eight, nine, or fifteen years ago. This is going to come down to whoever is more prepared for this game, and who executes their gameplan. The so-called hex was debunked in 2004, and it has to be debunked again sometime; why not tomorrow?

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