Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Something Interesting... AND Football Relevant!

So I've stumbled across some interesting information. I was at home for Dad's day the other weekend and in some down time I picked up one of our books regarding the 2004 football season. It took every game, includes a couple of articles from Inside the Auburn Tigers Magazine, and a number of pictures. It also included stats from every game. After about halfway through the season, I realized a surprising trend. Now it may be old news to some, or unsurprising to others, but here is what I discovered.


Rushing Yards: 194

Passing Yards: 186


Rushing Yards: 283

Passing Yards: 182


Rushing Yards: 131

Passing Yards: 170


Rushing Yards: 234

Passing Yards: 359


Rushing Yards: 107

Passing Yards: 186


Rushing Yards: 198

Passing Yards: 274


Rushing Yards:225

Passing Yards: 297


Rushing Yards: 210

Passing Yards: 127


Rushing Yards: 205

Passing Yards: 234


Rushing Yards: 186

Passing Yards: 218


Rushing Yards: 74

Passing Yards: 224

TENNESSEE (SEC Championship Game):

Rushing Yards: 185

Passing Yards: 374


Rushing Yards: 110

Passing Yards: 189


Rushing Yards: 2342

Passing Yards: 3020

I was really surprised to see how often we passed for more yards than we rushed. For whatever reason I remember the thunder and lightning combo of Brown and Cadillac more than I do Campbell's passing.

We talk a lot around here about the running game, and how Auburn isn't Auburn without a running game, and I certainly agree. I've always been a traditional, conservative type of guy with a three yards and a cloud of dust mentality. Heck, even playing NCAA on the Xbox machine I have to run the ball. People get annoyed that I can't rear back and heave the ball even in a video game, but in my mind, it's just not right. But this just goes to show that no matter how good your running game is, in this day and age, there is NO substitute for a talented, experienced quarterback who can throw the ball; cool under pressure, a decision maker. And Auburn is no exception.

We can, and I believe should build our offense around the running game. But the quarterback will make or break this team.

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