Monday, March 9, 2009

Daaaance? Anybody Wanna Daaaance?

Auburn's stomping of LSU was fun this weekend. Doubly fun when you're watching it at the only joint on Bourbon Street showing the game, and it's split 50-50 with Auburn fans and corn dogs (though doubtlessly less fun than being there in person). Here's a few things I learned during the game on Saturday in New Orleans.
  1. LSU fans actually smell like corn dogs. I thought it was a joke. Nope. I mean they're really funktastic. It even stuck out over the usual Bourbon Street stank, and that's saying something.
  2. I'm developing a man-crush on Korvotney Barber. During the game I attempted to yell "good play, Vot!" but what actually came out was "I wanna move to Vermont and adopt a child with you, Vot!" I was as surprised as anyone else to hear it, but I need to face facts: being the only player in the league to average a double-double is awesome. I think the "Player of the Week" performance pushed it over the edge.
  3. Fat, old ladies in the French Quarter don't need beads. 'Nuff said.

There's not really much to say now that hasn't already been said about this basketball team and their tourney hopes. If you ask me, let's just win out and punch our own ticket. If you've seen this team play in the last month you know it's possible. Oh yes, it is possible. I won't elaborate further on the hypotheticals, or break down stats for this weekend or anything like that, because that's just not my bag.

I will say that I've noticed a lot of buzz on campus about this basketball team. The most since I've been here, that's for sure. Everybody's breaking down our chances, and some are even talking SEC Championship banners. Frankly, at the level we're playing, I'm one of them. Put that together with the big turnout, especially amongst students, I've got to give Lebo and this team credit, they've gotten Auburn excited about basketball again. And it's fun.

So, here's the task at hand:

1. Florida/Arkansas

2. Tennessee/ Bammer/Vandy

3. The rest of the pack

War Eagle! Let's go dancin'! .....We can leave Bammer behind.

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