Friday, March 6, 2009

Big Weekend

Big weekend coming up for the tigers! The women start SEC tourney play today against Ole Miss. And the men play "their most important game of the Lebo era" tomorrow when they face off against the LSU Tigeauxrs (I sure have been hearing that a lot lately). Unfortunately (for me) I will be in the worst place other than Baton Rouge to watch an LSU game this weekend... New Orleans. I was going to put up a serious preview of the game, but I got a little distracted over the past few days by a pesky little thing called "classes". But here are my weekend predictions.
  1. Women win three and the SEC championship
  2. The men utilize a great atmosphere in Beard-Eaves to propel them to a tough win: 72-70
  3. BONUS PREDICTION: I get punched in the face by a raging LSU fan on Bourbon Street after the game.

*I really wanted to address the great textbook scandal of 2007/2009, but it'll have to wait. Don't worry, here's something fun in the meantime:

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