Friday, March 12, 2010

Babe, I'm Gonna Leave You

I'm gonna throw some stats at you:
2 Winning seasons in 6 years
1 Winning season in Conference play
1 NIT Bid
0 NCAA appearances
4 Starting Seniors
15 Wins with those seniors
0 Posts since January 9

None of those numbers are acceptable. For the one I am responsible for, I am sorry.

Brad Nessler said during the bammy-Kentucky game that he believed that to fire Lebo before giving him a chance in the new Arena was unfair. I say unfair went out the window a couple of seasons ago. The man just didn't get the job done. For more reasons why this was a good idea, check out Jerry's take on the matter, or check any one of the Auburn Bloggage links to the right; they'll probably all have something more informed than me to say very soon.

The bottom line, and I think I speak for most Auburn fans, is that we're sick of the boredom that surrounds this basketball program. We're sick of the fact that by this time of the basketball season, the most exciting time, Auburn is a non factor. I'm sick of hearing talk nationally about how we don't care about basketball, and then seeing results on the court that back up this theory. Auburn basketball is far and away my second favorite sport, just behind Auburn football. I take a lot of pride in the better teams we have had throughout the years and the product Jeff Lebo gave us was not something to be proud of. I appreciate the fact that Lebo coached with class, and after the last days of Ellis, that's something we desperately needed. But now is the time to start winning again, and with chance after chance, Lebo has proven he can't do that at Auburn. New arena, new coach, new excitement for Auburn basketball.... I just hope the new coach is the right one.

PS: I'm going to try and get a makeup post out there soon to make up for all the time I lost.

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  1. We missed ya!
    We would never leave ya!
    Through the flowing of tears that abound
    Glad to see your still around!