Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The people of Section 25 fill their hearts with hate

Chizik and Saban?

There's a lot of TV/movie references floating around the Auburn internets (see: The Auburner, The Pathos, War Blog Eagle).

Hopelessly outnumbered? Check. Most likely facing defeat? Check. Walking steadfast into the slaughter? Check.

The Bama game is upon us, and talk sounds a lot like it did at this time last year, most of it to the effect of "Auburn won't win". But the feeling is different this year. The season has been a success and the future certainly seems clearer and brighter than it did last Thanksgiving. Things may not work out on Friday; we might lose that battle, but if we do, I feel confident that unlike last year we are going down swinging. If they must, the boys in blue are going down like Auburn men, fighting that hated foe with every last ounce of their being. And maybe-just maybe-the "impossible" will happen.

I post this in the hopes that in one year's time*, this 300/ Thermopylae reference will be completed.

Give thanks men! For Chizik and his brave 75! WAR DAMN EAGLE!!!!

*But preferably on Friday.

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