Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Ladies and gentlemen, the class of the college football world:

Ok, maybe that's not fair. One guy in a WFV t-shirt with a mullett doesn't represent the fanbase. He probably had that specially made for him one night when he was drunk.

Oh, well you know, perhaps that wasn't fair either. Every fanbase has a few crazies, right? I'm sure these guys are just the exception to the rule.

Hmm, I suppose everyone gets a little crazy on game weekend, when they get a little Milwaukee's Best in them, don't they? Sure they do! I'm sure West Virginian's aren't like that all the time.

Well come on! There's not even any evidence that any of these people are even West Virginia fans. I've never even been to West Virginia. I must just be a little bitter about last year's unfortunate football game where West Virginia team beat a divided, demoralized, hopeless Auburn football team with a stagnant offense and a fading defense last year.

Surely no one else would draw similar conclusions who have actually been there, would they?

I'm sure that everyone associated with WVU are honest, wholesome people.

"If he wanted to keep his money, he shouldn'ta made it rain!"

So let's go out, have a fun, sportsmanlike game on Saturday night, and GET SOME SWEET, SWEET REVENGE! WAR DAMN EAGLE!!!


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