Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hell no! We won't... not walk!!

In case you haven't heard, UT has "canceled" the Tiger Walk for Saturday. Apparently, it's a safety issue for the fans. I say NO! I'll bet Coach Chizik and the team see this for what it really is: IMPOSTOR! Kiffykins has played his mind games before, as I'm sure you all remember, against Florida ("...singing Rocky Top all night long..." bla bla bla, LOSS). Of course, Hello Kiffin explained it all away after the game saying it was to take the pressure off the team. Maybe it did. But the bottom line is that the Auburn football team is not susceptible to such ploys. Chris Todd will simply fire a few mind bullets in the direction of Kiffin and all will be well, so I'm not worried about any effect on the team.

But for me, the fan, it gets me mad. Scenario: School A invents tradition. School B rips off tradition. School B doesn't allow School A to continue tradition, but proceeds with it themselves.

" "In 2004 when the Tigers played here, we had approximately 5,000 fans show up with the band and the cheerleaders, which was a great atmosphere, but a huge safety issue for the student-athletes, band and cheerleaders and fans because of the tight space," said a Tennessee spokesperson."

Sounds to me like someones a little jealous that even though it's an away game, 5,000 showed up to show Tennessee how to walk the Walk.

So I'm going to be there on Saturday to support the team. Word on the skreet--that's how the hip kids say it, skreet--is that the Tiger Walk is ON for around 5:00 on Saturday! (I'll post any updates I hear on that here.) So be there to show the team that we're behind them, whether Tennessee likes it, or not!

War Damn Tiger Walk, and WAR DAMN EAGLE!!

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