Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Funny Things Eli Gold and Phil Savage Said During the 2010 Iron Bowl

The other night, I was discussing with some friends how I could probably watch the 2010 Auburn-Alabama game 500 times and still enjoy it. So how does good old CSS reward me for a day of hard work when I get home? A full replay of the Iron Bowl. Not only that, but a version I've never seen before: the Crimson Tide Sports Network version. Here are a few things Eli and Phil said during the game that I find humorous or amusing in hindsight. It is 50-50, you know? (ed.: some may be paraphrased; I don't have Tivo, and I'm not a very quick typer)
  • "As the sun begins to sink down and peep through the clouds, Bear is saying, 'Get this cloud out of here, I'm ready to watch some football'" -Eli
  • "You have to control yourself in big games like this and Nick Fairley didn't right there." -Phil, after the Fairley unsportsmanlike penalty, but before McElroy gave Auburn fans the finger
  • "Staunch crimson-clad defense forces Newton to unload the ball or take a sack" -Eli
  • "McElroy wisely tosses the ball out of bounds" -Eli
  • "Talk about kryptonite to Cam Newton, how does 21-0 sound?" -Phil
  • "................................." -Eli, regarding the Adams catch ruled out of bounds
  • "...Ziemba, who is making a forgettable 50th start." -Phil
  • "Alabama doing an unbelievable job tonight" -Phil, after the first play of the second half
  • "O brother..." -Eli, after the second play of the second half
  • "[Alabama's defense] seems to have lost their zip as to knowing what plays are coming" -Phil, some point during the 3rd qtr, who seemed to notice the same thing I did
  • "The game is on now. Alabama's offense has to score" -Phil, at 4:25 in the 3rd, who seemed to notice something we knew at 14:04 in the 3rd
  • "How many times over the years, have we seen special teams play a role in the Iron Bowl?" -Eli, after the Carr fumble
  • "Well that was a big loss right there" -Phil, 4 plays later
  • "Grandma, get your heart medicine ready. It's going to be one of those finishes." -Eli
  • "[Auburn scores] on the Rolex/ Bromberg's scoring drive... and the Tigers lead 28-27" -Eli
  • "Well that's overcoming adversity..." -Phil, regarding Bama picking up an inch during Auburn's 24-0 comeback in a particularly rude Bryant-Denny Stadium
  • "You know, I don't want to say we told you so...." -Eli
  • "I never believed in a million years, up 24-0 that Alabama would lose by one point 28-27" -Phil
  • "Seeing the aftermath, the Auburn team celebrating on your logo, on your home field, it's salt in the wound." -Phil
Sure, you could probably do that for any team's announcers knowing the results of a game, but it's just so much more fun with them.


  1. FYI, I know you *ubarn (AL) fans insist on constantly spinning matters into your favor, but McElroy did not flip your fanbase the bird as he was directly facing an Alabama section when he stuck his middle finger up for a nanosecond. And hearing that dirty thug Fairley proclaim "All day mother f'er" isn't unsportsmanlike?

    Are you guys smoking the same plants you're growing down in the most boring college town in America known as Mayberry aka Aubarn, AL?

  2. LOL. So you're saying McElroy was flipping off the bama fans, then? Either you're the one smoking something, or else I like McElroy more than I thought I did.

  3. Oh, ok, Floridan. Then I guess just pout.

  4. To be fair, McElroy isn't flipping off anyone. He was facing the UA student section but he was putting his mouth piece back. And why call Fairley a thug? Because he made your defense look retarded? That unsportsmanlike conduct flag was BS and any honest person will admit it.