Friday, September 10, 2010

Road Report: MississipPi State

Section 25 took the last train to Starkville and got into Davis-Wade Cattle Ranch Stadium a half-hour before kickoff. Here are a few assorted notes and observations from our trip you might find interesting:

  • Really State? Thursday night? Really? You think this is going to help your exposure? Really? And you guys don't think that ESPN will pass up advertising this game to advertise "Monster Saturday"? Really? And you don't think that playing at the same time as the NFL's opening night is going to effect that exposure? Really? Really? OK fine then.
  • Directly between Auburn and Starkvegas stands West Vance. Due to time constraints, and that pesky class thing, the Section 25 bus had no choice but to risk the O of that town sticking to the car and drive right through to make it to the game on time. On the way through, one of my colleagues noticed a certain crimson flag flying proudly on a hillside..... upside down. He then summed up our feelings about it: "Don't ever change, Bama."
  • If you think the parking situation is bad in Auburn, try Starkville. Ok, granted we got there late. But the abundance of large grassy areas where no one was parking on gameday was frustrating to no end.
  • I've heard horror stories of the old bathrooms at Ga. Tech's Bobby-Dodd, but I had no idea how bad the Davis-Wade bathrooms are. Tiny, no air conditioning, and nothing but a wall where toilets should be. So, next time you go to a game at MSU, pee beforehand.
  • The Bully fans are usually nothing to complain about, and are usually cordial enough, but am I the only one that got a really different vibe from this group Thursday? Cussed out and flipped off several times, a friend had some guy come up and take his drink out of his hand and pour it out in front of him, and some student who looked more like a 9th grader tried to pick a fight with me in the bathroom. When they actually think they can win, State fans kind of suck. After the game though, every State fan I saw was kind and cordial again, and talked about the game with us. Weird stuff. I think Dan Mullen put drugs in the water or something. Chizik must have notified authorities during the game to put things back to normal.
  • Ok, completely not a road trip thing, but this movie is on TV right now, and I'm pretty sure I just found Josh Bynes' (evil?) twin. Not sure if he's evil or not, since they both specialize in ripping people's heads off.
  • Speaking of defensively related things, Happy learned how to play defense! Guess who Section 25's new hero is?

  • On the matter of the cowbells: "Ring Responsibly" and "Respect the Bell"? Yeah, not working. If the SEC follows through on the rules, MSU just earned themselves a $5000 fine. Chances of that happening? Slim. Chances of it mattering to MSU fans if the fine was handed down? None. Do you really want to put a stop to illegal noisemakers? Give the refs the control. Throw that little yellow handkerchief and that will put a stop to it REALLY quick. If you can't make enough noise to disrupt the other teams offense without resorting to cheap tricks, then that's just a little sad. Also, if MSU is not fined, expect Section 25 to sneak in air horns to the MSU game next year. They will only be used during appropriate times [snickers, blows horn every snap MSU's offense takes].
  • Think 82 from West Vance to Montgomery was bad? Try doing it at 1:00 in the morning and not imagining all the horror story situations that could happen to you down that road.
Auburn folks seem to be divided into two camps about the outcome of this game. As for me, I've been saying since January what State's arch-rival almost said: "It's A Trap!" Our goal last night wasn't so much to win as just not to lose, and the strategy reflected that. The Gus Bus cruised along well below top speed in order to make sure Godzilla kept his head under that slightly illegal sounding crowd noise, and the defense stepped up and made enough plays to get us out of there with a W. Expect to see a different Auburn team next weekend when Cousin Clemson comes to town.

2-0 works for me! Keep it coming guys!


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