Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Trademark-Infringing Tune Tuesdays VOL I: No Quarter

Because this is the off season and there's nothing better to do, because there are approximately 2,357,861 days until football season (that's just a guesstimate, give or take a few), and because it's Tuesday and you need a pick-me-up, I'm going to introduce a new reoccurring post entitled "Trademark-Infringing Tune Tuesdays". Trademark-Infringing Tune Tuesdays is an off-topic post that will feature a band playing a song by a different band each week. Some you may have heard and, hopefully, some will be completely new to you.

One of my favorite bands of all time is the mighty Led Zeppelin. Zeppelin's thunderous style, virtuoso blues guitar, and soaring powerful vocals have been imitated by many, but none have recaptured that sound. Most of the time when a Zeppelin fan such as myself hears "...a cover of Led Zeppelin's..." there's a part of you that thinks, "fat chance this will work out." But, every now and again, there's a band that finds the ability to do it, if only for one song.

On today's episode of Trademark-Infringing Tuesdays, Shara Worden of My Brightest Diamond pulls off one of those rare moments. Her background in opera makes her the perfect choice for the epic No Quarter. This live, bootlegged version doesn't have the sound quality necessary to hear the instrumentals properly, but the most important thing here is the haunting and powerful vocals Worden cranks out, reminiscent of that powerful Zeppelin sound. So without further jibber-jabber, here's Shara Worden and My Brightest Diamond's cover of Led Zeppelin's No Quarter.

If you liked this, I'd definitely recommend the album that got me into Worden's music, Hazards of Love by The Decemberists, a rock opera which features her as "the queen". (The plot is kind of out there, but then again, so are all rock operas. Think about The Who's Tommy. A pinball-playing, cult-leading, deaf, dumb, and blind kid?)

Tune in next week when Trademark-Infringing Tune Tuesdays will feature........ another band playing a song by a different band!

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