Wednesday, August 5, 2009

An Open Letter to Kirk Herbstreit

Dear Kirk,

I don't like you very much. It might be your smarmy attitude. Or your endless Ohio St. homerism. I'm not really sure. It's not a real hate or anything sinister like that. Just a general feeling of dislike. It may not even be your fault. It might be something you can't control. Maybe it's your face. I really can't say why, but whenever I see you, I really want to punch you right in your mouth.

That being said, I watched College Football Live today to see if our first day of practice would be mentioned, and guess who shows up? That's right, you. Once I put my TV back up on its stand (from kicking it off when you came on, of course) I decided I'd show some maturity and watch anyway. Sure enough, after a few minutes there was a segment on new head football coach Gene Chizik. In this segment, you (or whoever your boss is) decided to run that now infamous clip of the "Auburn fan" heckling Jay Jacobs when he landed in Auburn. Unfortunately, during the time when the events shown on College Football Live today took place, my blog was not up and running, so I could not express my opinion on the matter in a public forum. I decided that now is as good a time as any to write this open letter to you and make my opinion known.

Now, having said that I do not like you much, I must take this opportunity to say that I agreed with your sentiments on the show this afternoon (it's not unprecedented, you do say rational things from time to time, and are generally professional, so, uh, kudos). You said that this "fan" should be embarrassed, and I wholeheartedly agree. Kirk, I have been an Auburn fan since before I was born. I attended my first Auburn football game when I was half a year old. I am a third generation Auburn student and have been surrounded by Auburn people my whole life. Let me say now that whoever made that video and put it on the internet (which really just made him look foolish, not Jay Jacobs) is NOT an Auburn man. Auburn people may not have thought Coach Chizik the best choice at the time, but regardless, we made the decision as true Auburn people to get behind our coach, because that's what Auburn is about*.

Kirk, shortly after that video was made, there was a similar one filmed in the very same place. However, this one had a few subtle differences that I would like to point out. First of all, instead of one person shouting at the arriving plane, there were many (let me also point out that they were sober). The other difference is that these were Auburn people, not whatever that other sorry excuse for a fan is. The result was a much different video that, for whatever reason Kirk, you did not show on your show today.

So Kirk, the next time you show your face (dang, I just wanna deliver one of these right to your suck hole) and mention this particular occurrence, please be sure to mention that the overwhelming majority of Auburn people are like those who showed up in the video posted here, not the one you showed on ESPN. Because compared to these people, the clown that came to heckle Jay Jacobs really is just insignificant.


Chris in Section 25

*PS: If you want to know how we feel about choosing to support the Coach Chizik right about now, I think this generally sums up our feelings toward Chizik to this point.

PPS: Ohio State blows! Ha!

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